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Shayba Arena

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Olympic Park, Sochi
Capacity: 7000 

Paralympic Games use: Ice Sledge Hockey

The "Shayba" Arena is part of the complex of facilities operated by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). The complex includes the "Bolshoy" Ice Dome, the "Shayba" Arena and a training rink. All Ice Hockey venues are located in close proximity to one another, providing maximum comfort for athletes and guests of the Games.

The “Shayba” Arena is designed to accommodate 7,000 spectators. The venue will host Olympic ice hockey competitions and Paralympic ice sledge hockey competitions.

The “Shayba” Arena is a moveable venue, making it possible to be dismantled and transported for post-Games use as an Ice Palace in another Russian city.

It would be impossible to imagine a game of ice hockey without a "shayba" or puck and the name accurately portrays the purpose of the venue. As well as this, for Russians, shouting "Shaybu!" is a universal and familiar way of supporting hockey teams at the international championships. Therefore, this name represents the character of the "Russian" Winter Games.
Sport practiced
Calendar (minus three hours for Italy)
Date Time Event Sport
08.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Prelim. Round (Group A) USA-FIN Ice Hockey
08.02.2014 17:00-19:30 W Prelim. Round (Group A) CAN-SUI Ice Hockey
09.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B) SWE-JPN Ice Hockey
09.02.2014 17:00-19:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B) RUS-GER Ice Hockey
10.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Prelim.Round (Group A) USA-SUI Ice Hockey
10.02.2014 19:00-21:30 W Prelim. Round (Group A) FIN-CAN Ice Hockey
11.02.2014 14:00-16:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B) GER-SWE Ice Hockey
11.02.2014 19:00-21:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B) RUS-JPN Ice Hockey
12.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Prelim. Round (Group A) SUI-FIN Ice Hockey
12.02.2014 16:30-19:00 W Prelim. Round (Group A) CAN_USA Ice Hockey
12.02.2014 21:00-23:30 M Prelim. Round (Group C) LAT-SUI Ice Hockey
13.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B ) JPN-GER Ice Hockey
13.02.2014 16:30-19:00 W Prelim. Round (Group A) SVK-USA Ice Hockey
13.02.2014 21:00-23:30 W Prelim. Round (Group B) SWE-RUS Ice Hockey
14.02.2014 21:00-23:30 M Prelim. Round (Group B) NOR-FIN Ice Hockey
15.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Quartefinals Ice Hockey
15.02.2014 16:30-19:00 W Quartefinals Ice Hockey
15.02.2014 21:00-23:30 M Prelim. Round (Group C) SWE-LAT Ice Hockey
16.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Classification (5-8) Ice Hockey
16.02.2014 16:30-19:00 M Prelim. Round (Group A) SLO-USA Ice Hockey
16.02.2014 21:00-23:30 W Classification (5-8) Ice Hockey
17.02.2014 16:30-19:00 W Semifinals Ice Hockey
17.02.2014 21:00-23:30 W Semifinals Ice Hockey
18.02.2014 12:00-14:30 W Classification (7-8) Ice Hockey
18.02.2014 16:30-19:00 W Classification (5-6) Ice Hockey
18.02.2014 21:00-23:30 M Playoff Qualification Ice Hockey
19.02.2014 21:00-23:00 M Playoff Quarterfinals Ice Hockey