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Sanki Olympic Sliding Center

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Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort, Sochi
Capacity: 5000 

Post-Games use: National training center

The Sliding Center "Sanki" is built at the Alpika Service Mountain Ski Resort, with its track finishing area at Rzhanaya Polyana.

State-of-the-art ice preparation technology ensures optimum temperature control along the entire length of the track.

Mass sliding on sledges, sleighs and snow saucers has been a traditional Russian pastime since the times of Peter I and sledges have always been an integral part of winter leisure for all children in Russia. They are a source of positive emotions and pleasant childhood memories and the name highlights the flavor of the Games and accurately reflects the functional purpose of the sports venue. The word "Sanki" is also harmonious in most foreign languages.
Calendar (minus three hours for Italy)
Date Time Event Sport
08.02.2014 18:30-20:30 M Singles Run 1-2 Luge
09.02.2014 20:40-22:25 M Singles Run 3-4 Luge
10.02.2014 18:45-21:40 W Singles Run 1-2 D Luge
11.02.2014 18:30-21:45 W Singles Run 3-4 D Luge
12.02.2014 18:15-21:30 Doubles Run 1-2 Luge
13.02.2014 11:30-13:20 W Heats 1-2 Skeleton
13.02.2014 20:15-21:30 Team Relay Competition Luge
14.02.2014 16:30-19:30 M Heats 1-2 Skeleton
14.02.2014 19:40-21:40 W Final Skeleton
15.02.2014 18:45-21:05 M Heat 3-4 Skeleton
16.02.2014 20:15-22:55 Two-man Heat 1-2 Bobsleigh
17.02.2014 18:30-21:00 Two-man Heat 3-4 Bobsleigh
18.02.2014 19:15-21:10 W Heat 1-2 Bobsleigh
19.02.2014 20:15-22:20 W Heat 3-4 Bobsleigh
22.02.2014 20:30-23:05 Four-Man Heat 1-2 Bobsleigh
23.02.2014 13:30-16:05 Four-Man Heat 3-4 Bobsleigh