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SOCHI 2014: Samsung presents the results of "Ola Azzurra". Malagò: "We'll do great things together"

20180-Samsung LARGESamsung Electronics Co. Ltd., Olympic Global Partner in the field of wireless communication equipment, celebrates the end of the olympic adventure with its champions, having reached an important beneficial goal. On occasion of the Sochi 2014 Championships, Samsung launched its project "Ola Azzurra" to support sport activities in Italian schools and make all sport enthusiasts - and not just them - part of the olympic experience (more information on Starting from a single value of 5 Euros for each Ola, Samsung has gathered 16 000 "Ole azzurre" for a total of 80 000 Euros. With this income, Samsung commits to finance the building and renovation of sport facilities in two Italian schools, the Istituto Comprensivo Rinnovata Pizzigoni in Milan and the Istituto Comprensivo Statale San Luca-Bovalino in San luca (RC), which have been chosen for their significant stories among several schools asking help everyday from Coni.

"We are very proud of our Games" -, states Luca Danovaro, Corporate Marketing Director of Samsung Electronics Italy. The athletes of Samsung Galaxy Team have given us medals and great emotions as presents, and it is also thanks to their preicous support that we have reached an important goal with our project "Ola Azzurra", showing how sport can offer a very important social contribute". The president of the Italian National Olympic Committee, Giovanni Malagò, has underlined the importance of the agreement with Samsung. "Samsung has selected as testimonial beautiful and positive faces, it will be a long journey with mutual satisfaction, essential for the diffusion of the most important values of our organization. We'll be able to do great things together, because Samsung is a great multinational company investing in our country and this is a huge pleasure for us". In view of Sochi 2014 Winter Games, Samsung has created the Samsung GALAXY Team, a team of 5 Italian athletes with the aim to get people close to the winter Olympic Games. In this regard, the athletes selected for the olympic adventure are Armin Zoeggeler, luge champion and Italian standard bearer; skier Christof Innerhofer; short track skater Arianna Fontana; young snowboarder Omar Visintin and paraolympics skier Melania Corradini.

At the Olympics Games in Sochi and during winter season, "the galactic team" has gathered excellent results: Armin Zoeggeler has won the bronze in luge, conquering his sixth medal in six winter Olimpic Games editions, the first Italian athlete to get this result, thus becoming a sport legend; Christof Innerhofer has conquered the silver in the male downhill and one bronze, in the super combined; Arianna Fontana has won three medals in short track, one individual silver and two bronze; one individual and two in relay; and at last the recent victory of Omar Visintin in snowboard World Championship. Furthermore, to celebrate the numerous athletes who have reached one step from the medal positions obtaining the fourth place, so close to their dream and the olympic glory, Samsung - together with the precious support from CONI, has been willing to offer them an award, thanking them for their effort.​