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Pittin comments his training, wednesday there will be the nordic combined

pittinAlessandro Pittin comments On his training: "It was so-so, it was a bit hard to find my rhythm on the in-run, and the hill is different from the ones I have recently jumped. In yesterday's training my third jump was already better than the first two, but this morning I struggled again."

On adjustments needed: "I lost some metres in the fly today, and there are a few other little things that I have to adjust in order to gain those 2-3m that I need to perform well."

"I struggle to find a centred position. It's a usual problem for me. I need to jump a number of times and I'll get used to the hill."

On the cross country course: "I don't like it. I don't like the route, it looks like the course was put there just because they needed to find a place to let us race close to here. It won't feel like a biathlon or cross country course. Besides, there is no snow, and as the temperature becomes warmer the snow gets soft and it becomes difficult to ski. They will have to put a lot of salt there."

On his goals at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games after claiming bronze at Vancouver 2010: "When you are at the Olympics the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the event. It is an important competition, but it is very different from the world cup, there is a different atmosphere."

"My goal would be a medal - to repeat what I did in Vancouver. I'm working for this. If that will happen, I will enjoy the Games even more."