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Zöggeler you are a legend! Bronze for Armin, but there's nobody like him in the world

Zoegler1Armin goes into the records for the 6th time! Zöggeler wins the bronze medal in the luge and goes straight into the sporting world records! In fact the Italian luger stepped up today for the sixth consecutive time on the Olympic podium in the individual events of the same discipline in the 6 editions of the Winter Games. No other athlete in any other sport either in the Summer Games or in the Winter Games has ever achieved as much in a similar undertaking. Other athletes, such as the German shooter, Ralf Schumann, the Japanese judoka, Ryoko Tamura, the German luger, Georg Hackl and German skater Claudia Pechstein could not get past five and it looked like an impenetrable wall.Today Zöggeler broke through that wall with a fantastic achievement, only giving way to Germany's Felix Loch (gold) and the Russian, Albert Demchenko. Right now there is only one athlete in the world that can match the record of Zöggeler and she is also Italian. That is Valentina Vezzali who in the women's individual foil has stepped onto the podium for five editions in a row. To match Armin, the Italian fencer will have to qualify for Rio 2016, and step onto the podium in Brazil.